Few facilities issues can disrupt the flow of productivity in a commercial setting faster than a plumbing problem. When toilets don’t flush properly or drains are clogged, it commands the attention of everyone who enters your building and uses your facilities. This means it is important to address even the small issues right away, but this can be easier said than done when you are responsible for more than just the condition of your facility.

Integrated Facilities and Plumbing Maintenance

Maintaining an in-house maintenance staff is expensive, and it adds more responsibility to those in supervisory roles. Because plumbing concerns are typically few and far between with good maintenance, there is often a lack of demand sufficient to justify the expense of a full-time employee for a part-time issue.

Minor clogs and malfunctioning toilets can be surprisingly expensive, particularly in terms of lost productivity and staff satisfaction. At MN Services, we do more than keep your facility clean. We work to keep it in top condition by not only repairing minor issues but coordinating repairs of a more serious nature with a licensed plumber.

Low-Maintenance Facility Maintenance

We want to be the easiest company you work with, which means we provide more than simple janitorial and cleaning services. We know there is more than meets the eye to maintaining a commercial, industrial or institutional building than merely keeping it clean, so we work to make sure everything works as intended.

Our proactive approach to maintenance means we assume more of the responsibility than the average cleaning crew, so you can spend more of your time working on achieving goals and raising your organization to greater heights. To learn more about how we help take the stress and worry of plumbing maintenance and light repairs off your plate, call or contact us today.

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