COVID-19 Disinfecting Program

MN Services, Inc. is trained and equipped to disinfect your facilities prior to reopening for your employees, staff, students, residents or worship family.  We can also clean your facility if you have had a “confirmed or suspected” case of COVID-19 in your building.

Using CDC approved disinfecting guidelines we have the capability of disinfecting your classrooms, bathrooms, offices, sanctuary, hand rails, elevator buttons, drinking fountains, door handles, light switches and other touch points prior to bringing families, staff and/or students back into your building when your operations resume.  We use a hospital grade disinfectant that is a virucide against HUMAN CORONAVIRUS, as well as over 20 other viruses.

We will design a program specific to your building by using a combination of disinfecting foggers and hand wiping surfaces for the safety and peace of mind it can afford you, employees, students, parents and/or worship community.

Please contact us immediately for more information.

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MN Services, Inc. wishes you and your loved ones all the best as we get through this uncertain period in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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