We understand there is more to maintaining your facility than simply keeping it clean. We provide light electrical and plumbing maintenance for our cleaning clients, as well. Learn more about how we work to improve productivity and effectiveness for you without introducing more supervisory work or the hiring of in-house maintenance staff by ensuring your facility is always clean, well-maintained and operating effectively.

The Importance of Quality Electrical Maintenance

Your facility depends on a wide variety of electrical components to keep things up and running smoothly, but the little things can be some of the most important. Broken light switches, malfunctioning fixtures and blown bulbs complicate things for everyone in your facility. Because we understand how important these things are, we offer a wider scope of services than the average janitorial company.

Our skilled and experienced staff can take care of the little things for you, leaving you free to invest more of your time and energy in the things that matter most. When larger problems loom, we will bring in a licensed electrician to ensure everything is completed safely, accurately and in accordance with all applicable guidelines.

Full-Service Facility Management

MN Services is founded upon the belief that you should not have to focus on maintenance and cleaning, so we’ve devised a system that takes much of the daily stress off your plate entirely. Our expert staff provides more than cleaning; we work to make sure you never have to worry about flickering lights interfering with the work you do. Our integrated approach to maintenance management gives you the ability to outsource many troublesome maintenance tasks in addition to thorough cleaning. Call or contact us today for a free quote, and to learn how integrated facilities cleaning and management can be a catalyst for positive change throughout your operation.

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